Founded in 2017, Genmotion is a video agency with a 3 part goal – to support creators, inspire audiences, and help build communities with our partners.

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Our Story

We didn’t start Genmotion to build a business, we started Genmotion to make videos. Our love for creating is the drive behind everything we do. Few things are better than finding chemistry with a buzzing brand with a good story to tell and helping launch a new creative project. We live to bring stories to life.

The Vision

We started Genmotion to partner with a generation of emerging brands and artists. Our favorite memories come from the collaborations between our team and our partners.  As we continue to grow, building thriving relationships across our clients and team is at the core of what we love about our work.

We Are Genmotion

Why do you need video?

Video is a powerful tool used to communicate with your audience or team. There is a variety of concepts and channels that it can be distributed on. Is this a product launch video? Social Ads? Digital Billboard Ads? A brand story? Internal videos? An explainer video? Do you just need a bunch of video to be used for your website? There are tons of different use cases for video and every projects needs are unique.

Our team handles the full spectrum of creating videos, from concepting, storyboarding, music discovery, coordinating logistics, casting, location scouting, filming, editing, and content optimization. Whether you already have a brilliant idea or you don’t know where to start, we can help.

What does your brand sound like?

Good music is essential to every video production. And yet, many brands encounter a music dilemma when creating video content. You either use a royalty-free stock song from a website, but they aren’t original and you’ll hear them in thousands of other videos. You can license an existing song from a music artist, but licensing is expensive and complicated.

Our approach has been to start from scratch. Our Sonic Identity team consists of musicians and engineers that create original music for each project. Most brands put so much emphasis on their visual identity - on color palettes, logos, and fonts - but overlook their sonic identity. What do you sound like? What genre of music is your brand?

We geek out about this stuff. Let’s talk about it.

How many videos do you need?

After working on dozens of video projects, we learned that only making one video isn’t enough. Brands need consist communication with their audience. One video = a single post on a single platform. You spent all this money just to re-share the same video again and again. Sometimes that’s okay, but often we find our clients need a depth of evergreen videos to pull from over time.

Our solution has been an approach we call “Content Libraries”. Instead of delivering you a single video, we deliver you a folder with a diversity of videos optimized across platforms and needs. Sometimes that looks like creating a dozen 7-second pieces of Ads for Instagram. and other times that means creating looping assets for OOH Billboards across New York City. Every project is different and we exist to give you an arsenal of amazing video content optimized to reach audiences everywhere.

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